YSI ProDSS Multiparameter Digital Water Quality Meter

Handheld multiparameter instrument with multiple cable options

The YSI ProDSS (digital sampling system) handheld multiparameter meter provides extreme flexibility with two main cable options. Choose between the fully loaded 4-port cable assembly outfitted with any four DSS sensors (with depth or no depth) or the ODO/CT probe and cable - where you get accurate DO measurements every time with an optical dissolved oxygen sensor with an inline conductivity sensor, allowing for real-time salinity compensation. 

Want to learn more about the ProDSS? Our online learning program – ProDSS On-Demand Training – is free to use and ensures all trainees are comfortable going into the field with the ProDSS. We hope to see you in class!

Instrument Only.  Cables, probes/sensors, and accessories sold separately.

I really think you're hitting a home run with this instrument...
I have to say that I am increasingly impressed with every feature of the unit.
For spot sampling and profiling this is an excellent multiparameter instrument. The size and functionality knocks it out of the park for this kind of work compared to more cumbersome instruments.

What are they all talking about? The YSI ProDSS - digital sampling system

The YSI ProDSS (digital sampling system) is a portable water quality multiparameter instrument for the measurement of several critical parameters - dissolved oxygen (optical), total algae, turbidity, pH, ORP, conductivity, specific conductance, salinity, TDS, resistivity, TSS, ammonium, ammonia, chloride, nitrate, depth (optional), temperature and GPS coordinates.

Designed for use in applications such as surface water, groundwater, coastal/estuarine, aquaculture, and wastewater, the rugged and reliable ProDSS allows for the measurement of water quality parameters with digital sensors. The ProDSS water quality meter uses smart sensor technology that allows sensors to be automatically recognized by the handheld while retaining calibration data.

An easy-to-read backlit color display, large memory capacity, simple calibration procedures, rechargeable battery and powerful data management program (KorDSS) all help to make your sampling experience more convenient.

The optional GPS and depth along with a wide range of cables and sensors (sold separately) allows for complete customization of the ProDSS. Military spec connectors, IP-67 waterproof rating, rubber over-molded case and 1-meter drop tests ensures durability to provide years of sampling even in the harshest field conditions.

Parameters Available:

  • Dissolved Oxygen (optical)
  • Turbidity
  • New! - Total Algae-Phycocyanin
  • New! - Total Algae-Phycoerythrin
  • pH
  • ORP/Redox
  • Conductivity
  • Specific Conductance
  • Salinity
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
  • Resistivity
  • Seawater Density
  • Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
  • Depth
  • GPS Coordinates
  • Ammonium
  • Ammonia
  • Chloride
  • Nitrate
  • Temperature
  • Barometric Pressure

There are multiple features of the ProDSS water quality meter:

  • Single cable design with lengths up to 100 meters
  • User-replaceable cables provide versatility, reduce down time and reduce overall cost of ownership
  • 4 port cables feature user-replaceable sensors; universal ports can accept any 4 sensors; optional depth sensor available (with depth and no depth)
  • ODO/CT probe and cable assemblies feature integral (built-in) optical DO and conductivity sensors; rugged ODO sensor cap with 2-year warranty is pre-installed on new assemblies; kits with an ODO/CT assembly and a ProDSS handheld are available
  • Long-life rechargeable lithium-ion battery to power handheld and sensors
  • Color display and backlit keypad; menu-driven operation
  • Digital smart sensors are automatically recognized by the instrument and store calibration data
  • Large memory (>100,000 data sets) with extensive site list and Data ID tag capabilities
  • KorDSS software (included) and USB on-the-go connector assist with data management
  • Global positioning system (GPS) (optional)
  • Rugged, waterproof case (IP-67 rated) with rubber over-mold and metal, military-spec (MS) cable connectors as well as rugged titanium sensors
  • Multiple languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean, and Thai
  • 3 year instrument warranty; 2 year cable warranty (sensor warranties vary)


Not only have we answered our customers demands for a handheld instrument that can measure turbidity, the ProDSS can also measure depth (optional) in addition to pH, ORP, optical DO, conductivity, and GPS coordinates (optional).

There are many options when "building" a ProDSS instrument. In addition to the ProDSS 4 port cable and the ODO/CT probe and cable assembly, the ProDSS will also work with YSI ProODO sensor/cable assemblies to provide a DO only instrument. It's also capable of using the ProOBOD optical BOD probe for use in the lab for BOD measurements.

The ProDSS is a true field instrument. The titanium smart sensors (4 port cables) can easily be replaced in the field and our durable MS (Military Spec) locking bayonet-style cable connector ensures quick cable connection. A rugged and waterproof (IP-67) rubber over-molded instrument casing provides protection from the demands of field sampling.

Some sensors are EPA approved for drinking water and wastewater compliance reporting.

Cables and sensors are sold separately.

Note: A conductivity/temperature sensor (626902) must be installed in a ProDSS 4 port cable for accurate temperature compensation and measurement of all parameters except turbidity and TSS.

All ProDSS instruments include a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (pre-installed), hand strap, USB cable for charging the ProDSS battery and for connection to a PC, universal AC charger, cable for connection to a USB memory stick, ProDSS quick start guide, and USB memory stick containing KorDSS software and a digital copy of the user manual.

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EXO_University_Icon.pngWant to learn more about the ProDSS? Our new online learning program – ProDSS On-Demand Training – is free to use and ensures all trainees are comfortable going into the field with the ProDSS. We hope to see you in class!


SKU: 626870-1

Buffer Recognition Yes, auto-buffer recognition for USA (4.00, 7.00, 10.00) and NIST (4.01, 6.86, 9.18) buffer sets. Calibration values are automatically compensated for temperature for both buffer sets.
Certifications FCC, WEEE, UN Part III Section 38.3 test methods for lithium-ion batteries (class 9), RoHS, Assembled in USA, IP-67, 1-meter drop test, CE
Connectivity / Communications Built-in micro USB On-The-Go port for PC connection, recharging/powering the ProDSS and connecting directly to a USB stick
Connector MS (military spec) waterproof with quarter-turn bayonet lock (unsurpassed in regards to durability)
Data Management KorDSS desktop PC software (included), >100,000 data sets
Desktop Software Compatible KorDSS desktop PC software (included)
Digital / Digital Sensors Yes
Flow Cell Yes, flow cell is available
GLP Compliance detailed GLP information is stored and is available to view, download or print, Yes
GPS coordinates are stored with measurement data and site lists, Optional internal GPS
Graphic Display Color, LCD graphic display, backlit keypad
Languages Italian, German, Norwegian, English, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Spanish
Logging Capabilities Single point or Continuous, Yes
Measurement Method / Channels Digital
Memory >100,000 data sets, 400 GLP files
Multiparameter Yes
Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Parameters Measured Dissolved Oxygen (%), Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L), Temperature, Turbidity, Conductivity, Specific Conductance, Resistivity, Salinity, Water Density, pH, ORP, Ammonium, Nitrate, Chloride, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Depth, Barometer
Power Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack providing ~48 hours of battery life (instrument only with backlight off)
Sampling Yes
Security / Password Protection / UserID Yes
Instrument: 8.3 cm width x 21.6 cm length x 5.6 cm depth (3.27 in x 8.5 in x 2.21 in)
Bulkhead with sensors, without depth (no guard): 33.3 cm (13.11 in) length - the length with the ISE sensors is 34.04 cm (13.4 in)
Bulkhead with sensors, with depth (no guard): 35.84 cm (14.11 in) length - the length with the ISE sensors is 36.58 cm (14.4 in)
Bulkhead with guard, without depth: 42.82 cm (16.86 in) length and 4.75 cm (1.87 in) outer diameter
Bulkhead with guard, with depth: 45.36 cm (17.86 in) length and 4.75 cm (1.87 in) outer diameter

Smart Sensors / Ports 4 universal sensor ports on each cable, can accept any ProDSS sensor, Yes
Storage Temperature 0 to 45°C (32 to 113°F) with battery installed0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F) without battery installed
User Calibratable Yes
User Replaceable Yes
Warranty 3-year instrument; 2-year bulkhead, cable assembly, and sensors; 1-year pH and pH/ORP sensor modules, ODO (opticalDO) sensor caps, and Li-Ion battery pack; 6-months ammonium, nitrate, and chloride sensor modules
Waterproof floats, IP-67 (even with the battery cover off)
ProDSS System Specifications (Instrument, Cables & Sensors)

Dissolved Oxygen
(% saturation) Optical Luminescence - Lifetime Method 0 to 500% 0 to 200% (±1% of reading or 1% air saturation, whichever is greater)
200% to 500% (±8% of reading) 0.1% or 1% air saturation (user selectable) 1 or 2 points 100 m
Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L, ppm)
temp comp range -5 to 50°C Optical Luminescence - Lifetime Method 0 to 50 mg/L 0 to 20 mg/L
(±0.1 mg/L or 1% of reading, whichever is greater)
20 50 mg/L (±8% of reading) 0.1 or 0.01 mg/L (user selectable) 1 or 2 points (user selectable) 100 m
(°C, °F, K) Thermistor; Combination Sensor with Conductivity -5 to 70°C (23 to 158°F) ±0.2°C 0.1°C or 0.1°F (user selectable) None 100 m
(FNU, NTU) Nephelometric - Optical, 90° Scatter 0 to 4000 FNU 0 to 999 (0.3 or ±2% of reading, whichever is greater)
1000 to 4000 (±5% of reading) 0.1 FNU 1, 2, or 3 points (user selectable) -
(S, mS) Four Nickel Electrode Cell 0 to 200 mS/cm 0 to 100 mS/cm (±0.5% of reading or 0.001 mS/cm, whichever is greater)
100 to 200 mS/cm (±1% of reading) 0.001, 0.01 or 0.1 mS/cm (range dependent) 1 point 100 m
Specific Conductance
(S, mS) Calculated from Conductivity and Temperature 0 to 200 mS/cm ±0.5% of reading or 0.001 mS/cm, whichever is greater 0.001, 0.01, 0.1 mS/cm 1 point -
(ohm-cm, kohm-cm, Mohm-cm) Calculated from Conductivity and Temperature 0 to 2 Mohms ±0.1% Full Scale 0.001, 0.01, 0.1 ohms - -
(ppt, PSU) Calculated from Conductivity and Temperature 0 to 70 ppt ±1.0% of reading or ±0.1 ppt, whichever is greater 0.01 ppt 1 point -
Water Density
(Sigma, Sigma T) Sigma is Calculated from Salinity, Temperature, and Pressure
Sigma T is Calculated from Salinity and Temperature 0.0 to 50.0 sigma, sigma T - 0.1 sigma or sigma T - -
(mV, pH units) Glass Bulb Combination Electrode; Ag/AgCl Reference Gel 0 to 14 units ±0.2 units 0.01 units 1, 2, or 3 points (user selectable) 100 m
(mV) Platinum Button; Ag/AgCl Reference --1999 to +1999 mV ±20 mV 0.1 mV 1 point 100 m
(NH4-N mg/L, NH4-N mV)
ammonia with pH sensor Ion Selective Electrode 0 to 200 mg/L NH4-N ±10% of reading or 2 mg/L, whichever is greater 0.01 mg/L 1, 2, or 3 point
(user selectable) 20 m
(NH3-N mg/L) Calculated from Ammonium, Temperature, Salinity and pH 0 to 200 mg/L NH4-N - 0.01 mg/L - -
(NO3-N mg/L, NO3-N mV) Ion Selective Electrode 0 to 200 mg/L NO3-N ±10% of reading or 2 mg/L, whichever is greater 0.01 mg/L 1, 2, or 3 point
(user selectable) 20 m
Chloride** Ion Selective Electrode 0 to 18000 mg/L Cl ±15% of reading or 5 mg/L, whichever is greater 0.01 mg/L 1, 2, or 3 point
(user selectable) 20 m
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
(mg/L, kg/L, g/L) Calculated from Conductivity and Temperature 0 to 100 g/L User-Selectable TDS Multiplier (0.30 to 1.00; 0.65 default) 0.001, 0.01, 0.1g/L - -
Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
(mg/L) Correlated from Turbidity Field Measurements and Lab TSS Measurements from Grab Samples 0 to 30000 mg/L Calculated from Turbidity and User-Entered Correlation Points 0.01, 0.1 mg/L - -
(RFU or g/L chl) Optical Luminescence 0 to 100 RFU or 0 to 400 g/L chl Linearity: r2 ≥ 0.999 for Rhodamine WT across full range 0.01 RFU or 0.01 g/L chl 2 point -
(RFU or g/L PC) Optical Luminescence 0 to 100 RFU or 0 to 100 g/L PC Linearity: r2 ≥ 0.999 for Rhodamine WT across full range 0.01 RFU or 0.01 g/L PC 2 point -
(RFU or g/L PE) Optical Luminescence 0 to 100 RFU or 0 to 280 g/L PE Linearity: r2 ≥ 0.999 for Rhodamine WT across full range 0.01 RFU or 0.01 g/L PE 2 point -
(m, ft) Pressure Transducer 0 to 100 m (0 to 328 ft) ±0.004 m (±0.013 ft) for 1, 4 and 10-m cables
±0.04 m (±0.13 ft) for cables 20-m and longer 0.001 m or 0.01 ft 1 point -
(mmHg, inHg, mbar, psi, kPa, ATM) Piezoresistive 375 to 825 mmHg ±1.5 mmHg from 0 to 50°C 0.1 mmHg 1 point -
* Derived parameters can include resistivity, salinity, specific conductance, and total dissolved solids
**ISE sensors for freshwater only; 20-meter maximum depth
*** Ammonia calculated from ammonium, temp, salinity, and pH


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