Introducing The MDot Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Introducing The MDot Thermal Mass Flow Meter

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Introducing The MDot Thermal Mass Flow Meter


The MDot is one of the most technically advanced gas flow meters specifically designed for the water and wastewater market. Extensive engineering effort has been invested to deliver advanced features, accurate measurement performance, and outstanding reliability.

The MDot is an innovative Thermal Mass Flow Meter and Temperature Transmitter. It is microprocessor-based, field programmable, and designed to meet the gas flow measurement demands of the water and wastewater industry where aeration, digestion, and cogeneration play crucial roles. The MDot Measures mass flow, an advantage over other gas flow meters which measure volumetric flow rate. With the MDot, no additional temperature or pressure measurements are required.

MDot is the right meter for:

• Aeration Tanks

• Digester Gas and Biogas

• Air Injection

• Cogeneration Systems

• Natural Gas Makeup and Submetering


Calibration Validation

Thanks to the DDC Sensor, you can verify that your meter is performing accurately and repeatedly via the in-situ MDot Cal test. You no longer have to stop the process or remove the meter, to be sent back to the factory, for recalibration.

MDot GasSelect

Thanks to the DDC Sensor, the MDot can be re-configured for three different gas types in the field without factory recalibration. These are air, methane (CH4), and digester/biogas (mixture of CO2 and CH4). Should you want to move your MDot from one process to another, or if your mixture of CH4 and CO2 changes, simply change the gas composition on the fast and easy-to-use keypad interface.

Other Advantages of the MDot's DDC sensor:

Direct Digitally Controlled

Welded on both ends creating a strong connection.

No vibration (eliminating extra heat transfer)

Robust probe helps prevent accidental damage.

Repeatable and accurate across a wide turndown, and industry-leading low-velocity measurement capabilities.

Mass Flow

The MDot measures mass flow, an advantage over other flow meters which measure volumetric flow rate. Volumetric flow is incomplete because temperature and pressure are unknown and must be measured separately. The MDot provides a direct measurement of gas flow in Mass units (kg/hr, lb/hr), standard volumetric flow rate units (SCFM, SLPM) or normal units (NM3/hr, NLPM) with no additional temperature or pressure measurements required. Turndown is also significantly better with thermal mass technology, with 100:1 typical and 1000:1 achievable. This means that no matter how much your gas flow process changes, you can have confidence your meter is always able to measure and measure accurately.

Gas Flow Measurement in the Water and Wastewater Industry

The MDot Thermal Gas Flow Meter has been designed to meet the demands of the water and wastewater industry, where specifically in aeration, digestion, and cogeneration applications>/p>

Optimize your aeration blower systems and save money on operation costs by installing the MDot on your main air header and each individual feed line. The MDot is highly accurate and has incredible turndown, perfect for modern systems where blowers are variable speed. In aerated grit removal systems, installing the MDot will allow you to accurately adjust your air feed process for the varying influent conditions seen at the treatment plant. With incredible turndown, the MDot ensures accurate measurement at minimal to maximum wastewater volumes.

For your anaerobic digestion or biogas systems, the MDot is the right solution to measure the gas output. With the best low-flow performance compared to other types of gas meters, the MDot ensures you are always making a measurement and able to meet environmental regulations for monitoring output. The built-in MDot GasSelect feature allows you to change your methane and CO2 gas composition, to adjust for changes in your process, without having to remove the meter to be sent back for recalibration. You’ll never have to stop your process or worry about inaccuracies because of gas composition.

As the world moves over to more renewable and sustainable energy, we often see cogeneration power systems set up within water and wastewater treatment plants. These cogeneration systems supply the wastewater market with standby power, or to create green/bioenergy to reduce energy costs. The digester gas or biogas output is commonly used to fire boilers and hot water heaters, generate electricity to operate pumps and blowers, or to generate electricity to sell back to the grid. MDot provides accurate and reliable flow monitoring of methane and other biogases. If methane is used to feed cogeneration systems when produced digester gas is low, the MDot can be used to accurately measure these systems. Finally, since methane is a significant greenhouse gas compared to CO2, if cogeneration is not utilized at your facility, you can use the MDot to accurately track how much gas is flared to report to regulatory agencies.

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07 Jun 2023