Agitator for smaller tanks with low dry matter content
  • Propeller in hardened steel,galvanized, ss304 or ss316
  • Mechanical seal SiC/SiC
  • 2 separated oil chambers for motor and bearing housing
  • Longlife-oil within the bearing housing
  • Guide mast support with 4 rollers for 80 x 80 / 100 x 100 / 120 x 120 mm mast
  • Galvanically insulated to the mast through ss316-rope

Technical data

Rated power 3 kW kW
Rated voltage (400 V) 7.8 8.6
Propeller speed (50 Hz) 710 950
Thermal protection PTC 130°C PTC 130°C
Ex-Zone 2 2

More product information
The OPTIMIX 2G with 3.0 or 4.0 kW is especially designed for smaller containers or tanks and substrates with a low dry matter content of up to 8%.

Galvanical isolation:
The SUMA-guide mast support with 4 rollers and POM-slide rails guarantees a perfect sliding on the mast  and furthermore a galvanical isolation between the mast and the agitator.

Optimum stirring result:
The 2 separated oil chambers for motor bearing housing ensure a proper stirring. Longlife oil with a longer oil changing interval is used for the bearing housing. The sealing is made through the mechanical seal SiC/SiC within the bearing housing. For the motor turbine oil is used for cooling.

Control box:
There are delta-star-operating-switches for a manually operation or time-controlled SUMA-soft start control available. All agitators can be managed over an external frequency converter.


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