OPTIMIX 2A 15-720

Fast-running agitator for aggressive media with low pH values
  • Propeller in in ss304, optional in hardened ss304 or ss316
  • Bearing flange with mechanical seal of SiC/SiC
  • Guide mast support for 60 / 80 mm square mast
  • Microbe resistant cable
  • 2 separated oil chambers for motor and bearing housing
  • Accessory: POM protection to minimize abrasion

    Technical data

    Type 2A 8-720 2A 15-720 2A 22-720
    Rated power [kW] 0.8 1.5 2.2
    Propeller speed [rpm] / [50 Hz] 738 728 714
    Thermal protection PTC 130°C
    Ex-Zone 2

    More product information
    The submersible mixer 2A is specially designed for use in the industrial sector - in particular for water and waste water management. The Optimix 2A impresses with its solid stirring performance. The relatively high thrust forces with regard to the low nominal power of 0.8/1.5/2.2 kW demonstrate distinctly the know-how of the small submersible mixer. Due to the high rotation speed from 714 rpm up to 738 rpm, the compact agitator is ideally applicable for small to medium sized tanks with low dry matter content.

    The submersibel motor is completely made of stainless steel. It can therefore be easily used for stirring aggressive media with low pH values.

    The propeller of the Optimix 2A, which was specially developed for the agitator, deserves special mention.
    The 3-bladed self-cleaning stainless steel propeller is manufactured in a complex embossing process.


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OPTIMIX 2A 15-720