Providing the highest confidence in level measurement in the most challenging conditions.

REFLECT™ provides accurate monitoring of liquids and solids in critical measurement applications, ensuring complete peace of mind with a product that requires minimal skills and human intervention, thereby minimizing lifetime cost of ownership. Outperforming products that, up until now, required frequent and costly manual maintenance to validate measurement integrity.

FMCW Radar Technology
Using FMCW Radar Technology, REFLECT™ transmits continuously, constantly varying the frequency of the signal. The frequency of the returning signal is compared to the signal being emitted at that moment, the difference between the two corresponding to the time the signal has taken to return. FMCW technology compared to pulsed radar technology is the most accurate of the two because of its narrower beam angle and in most cases stronger signal.

An Ally to Ultrasonic Technology
The REFLECT™ radar level sensor has been designed to be an ally to the long-standing ultrasonic technology that most of us know and love. Both technologies have their place in the world and at Pulsar Measurement, you have the choice of both, coupled with award-winning customer service and technical knowledge.

Ease of Installation
In ‘Installation’ mode, REFLECTTILT™ ensures optimal measurement by using the built-in LEDs to signal when the sensor is level (in liquid applications) or giving greatest signal strength (in solids applications). In ‘Measurement’ mode, these lights are used to give early indication of a change in measurement integrity, to give confidence in the accuracy of your data. REFLECTTILT™ utilizes a traffic light system - a red light means that something needs to be addressed, an amber is an early warning that something may not be quite right, and a green light signals that the device is working optimally. Installation and use of your sensor has never been so simple before!

• Applications Needing High Accuracy
• High Electrical or Acoustic Noise Applications
• Turbulent Applications with Foam
• Dosing Plants & IBC’s
• Digesters


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