MicroFlu V2 HC is a new immersion probe for measuring oil in water. The measuring principle of UV
fluorescence used is many times more sensitive and specific than the conventionally used infrared scattering
or absorption methods. This makes it possible to determine even the smallest traces of PAHs, e.g. in drinking
water, but also in cooling water condensates. The field of application ranges from petrochemistry, leakage
detection in cooling and waste water streams to environmental monitoring. The instruments can be used
stationary in manholes or in flow-through, as well as in pipelines. A nano-coating reduces the contamination
of the optical measuring windows and thus reduces the required maintenance to a minimum.
microFlu V2 HC is equipped with an RS-485 interface that allows easy and fast sensor configuration via
Modbus and also has an analog interface. Integration with existing process control systems and external data
loggers has never been easier.

• without sampling and sample preparation
• without delay
• without reagents
• high sensitivity and selectivity
• optical windows with nano-coating
• Surface waters
• Drinking water
• Waste water
• Airports
• Cooling water
• Desalination plants
• Refineries / Gas stations
• Seepage ditch (road run-off water)
• Pipeline monitoring
• Bilge water monitoring



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