MicroFlu V2 fluorometers are submersible miniature fluorometers for highly precise and selective measurement
of tryptophan, cdom, blue-green algae or chlorophyll. The combination of low power consumption and
innovative coating of the measurement windows as an energy and environmentally neutral antifouling solution
ensures long-term stability of the measurements. The instruments can be used in a wide range of applications
for monitoring seawater, river water, drinking water and wastewater. Internal reference measurements of the
high-power LED used for fluorescence excitation compensate for aging effects and temperature influences.
microFlu V2 is equipped with a RS-485 interface, which enables allows easy and fast sensor configuration via
Modbus. Integration into existing process control systems and external data loggers has never been easier.
• without sampling and sample preparation
• without delay
• without reagents
• high sensitivity and selectivity
• optical windows with nanocoating
• electronic daylight compensation
• handy size
• Surface waters
• Bathing lakes
• Drinking water treatment
• Raw water treatment
• Environmental monitoring

Sensor Version         Parameter                      Ex / Em                         Measuring range             Detection limit
         chl                  Chlorophyll              470 nm / 685 nm                0 – 200 ppb                       0.05 ppb
         chl                  Chlorophyll              470 nm / 685 nm                0 – 500 ppb                            1 ppb
        blue                Cyanobacteria          620 nm / 655 nm                0 – 200 ppb                         0.5 ppb
        blue                Cyanobacteri            620 nm / 655 nm                0 – 500 ppb                            2 ppb
       cdom                     cdom                   375 nm / 460 nm                0 – 500 ppb                       0.25 ppb
                          (coloured dissolved     
                               organic mater)
        TRP                 Tryptophan               275 nm / 360 nm                 0 – 500 ppb                          3 ppb





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