CHEMITEC 50 Series


Multi-parametric controller up to 8 digital sensors Sensor self-recognition with plug & play system Data storage and graphic display of measurement trends Control outputs and MODBUS RTU serial interface Panel or wall-mounted version

• Available in three configurations: Up to two, four and eight simultaneous measurements, freely selectable.
• Connectable to the entire range of Chemitec digital sensors, plus an universal input for 4-20mA type sensors
• Simultaneous display of digital measurements via 480x272 display with color variation depending on alarm events. Display of measurement trends in graphic form
• Internal data logger with 250,000-record capacity, data download via USB or RS485
• Programmable analogue outputs for repeating measurements, PID control and temperature
• Digital output relays for set point adjustment
• Analogue input for perturbative functions or engineered display of additional measuring
• Digital input for disabling of dosage

• pH/ORP
• Dissolved oxygen
• Conductivity
• Turbidity
• Suspended solids
• Chlorine
• Chlorine dioxide
• Ozone
• Chlorites
• Hydrogen peroxide
• Peracetic acid
• Nitrates (ISE)
• Nitrates (UV)
• Organic substances (UV)
• Colour (UV)
• Chlorophyll
• PAH/OIL (UV-Fluorescence)


50 Series Plug & Play Instruments: .

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