The MS1800 is a VOC and Hydrocarbon Gas Concentration Analyzer.

It is designed to monitor VOC gases in industrial processes and applications as well as in environmental monitoring applications. The instrument senses gases or volatiles providing a measurement system with very low maintenance requirements. Taking a measurement every 2 seconds, the MS1800 is accurate at concentrations from 1 to 500 ppm, dependent upon the target gas, and its wide dynamic range allows it to be used in a variety of environments.

A user-programmable concentration alarm threshold can be set, connecting to a relay output and an indicator on the front panel. This allows connection to other peripheral equipment such as isolation valves, pumps, samplers or audio-visual alarms.

A 4–20 mA output is available for connection to a PLC or SCADA system and the MS1800 can operate from 90–240 V AC or 12 V DC power supplies.


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