Laboratory instrument for DO/BOD, pH, ORP, conductivity and ion activity measurement. EPA approved for drinking water and wastewater compliance reporting.

Connect digital IDS sensors to the MultiLab 4010-3W for the measurement of DO/BOD, pH, ORP, and conductivity in any combination. Ion selective electrodes (ISEs) can also be connected to the instrument.

Instrument Only.  Cables, probes/sensors, and accessories sold separately.

Please see the MultiLab Ordering Guide if ordering a complete system, or contact us if you have any questions.


The YSI MultiLab line includes the 4010-1W (single channel), 4010-2W (dual channel) and 4010-3W (three channel) instruments providing easy to use and calibrate menu-driven operation ideal for the laboratory.

All MultiLab instruments can accurately measure pH, ORP, conductivity, and DO/BOD. ISEs can also be connected to two and three channel instruments.

Please visit the MultiLab Kits page for fully assembled systems.

Features of the MultiLab line:

  • Input for pH, ORP, DO/BOD (optical or polarographic), or conductivity sensors
  • ISEs with BNC connection can be connected to the MultiLab 4010-2W and 4010-3W with an adapter (108132Y) that converts one digital input to an analog BNC input (i.e. only one ISE can be connected)
  • Built-in OUR/SOUR software on the MultiLab 4010-2W and 4010-3W
  • Wireless sensors available for the MultiLab 4010-1W, 4010-2W, and 4010-3W
  • Data storage - 500 data sets in manual mode and 5,000 (MultiLab 4010-1W) or 10,000 (MultiLab 4010-2W and 4010-3W) data sets in automatic logging mode
  • Large, easy to read graphic display
  • Color screen and antibacterial keypad on MultiLab 4010-2W and 4010-3W instruments
  • Intelligent, digital sensors - plug and play connectivity
  • GLP traceability (sensors store serial # and calibration data)
  • USB connectivity to manage data; USB cable included
  • PC software included for easy data transfer
  • Durable electrode stand included
  • 3-year warranty

Intelligent Digital Sensors (IDS)

The IDS sensors automatically store their unique serial number and calibration data. In addition, they also digitally process the measurement signal. The sensors can be moved from instrument to instrument and maintain their calibration data and transmit this information to the new instrument.

  • Plug and play connectivity with each instrument
  • IDS sensors store their own unique ID with serial number and calibration data
  • Digital sensor recognition, processing and data transfer
  • Includes self-stirring BOD (optical or polarographic), fluorescent dissolved oxygen (FDO), pH, ORP and conductivity sensors

Wireless Sensors

Free yourself from cables! The MultiLab offers wireless sensors for pH, FDO, conductivity, and ORP, giving you freedom to move around your laboratory.

EPA Approved Methodology

The IDS OBOD probe (optical) and the IDS 4100 BOD probe (polarographic) can be used for wastewater compliance reporting of BOD and CBOD. Available IDS pH and conductivity sensors can also be used for drinking water and wastewater compliance reporting.

By using the available BNC adapter and the corresponding ISE, the MultiLab 4010-2W and 4010-3W can be used for compliance reporting of Ammonia (wastewater), Bromide (wastewater), Chloride (wastewater), Cyanide (wastewater and drinking water), Fluoride (wastewater and drinking water), Nitrate (wastewater and drinking water), Potassium (wastewater), and Sulfide (wastewater). 

You may be interested in downloading the YSI pH Handbook - a practical guide to pH measurements in the lab and field. It's full of tips and recommendations for ensuring accurate, repeatable pH measurements.

pH Handbook on Homepage Download


SKU: 1FD570Y

MultiLab 4010-3W Three channel benchtop multiparameter instrument with wireless capability: Autostable Yes
Benchtop Yes
Buffer Recognition Yes
Certifications CE, cETLus
Data Management
500 data sets in manual mode and 10,000 data sets in automatic mode

Digital / Digital Sensors Yes
Large, easy to read graphic color displays

Equipment used with Multilab IDS probes and accessories
GLP Compliance Yes
Graphic Display Large, easy to read graphic color displays
Keypad Antibacterial
Logging Capabilities Yes
Measurement Method / Channels 3 Measurement Channels
Measurement Range
pH - 0.000 to 14.000 (+/-0.004), Conductivity - 1 S/cm to 2,000 mS/cm +0.5% of value (301710Y), .01S/cm to 200 S/cm +0.5% of value (301720Y), TDS - 0 to 100C (32 to 212F), Dissolved Oxygen - 0 to 50 mgL; 0 to 500% air saturation, Salinity - 0.0 to 70.0 ppt +0.5% of value

Operating pH Range 0.000 to 14.000 (+/-0.004)
Operating Temperature 32 to 176 degrees F
Parameters Measured
Temperature, Conductivity, Resistivity, Salinity, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), pH/mV, Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), Partial Pressure, Dissolved Oxygen (% and mg/L* (BOD)

Power Universal power supply
Sampling Yes
Smart Sensors / Ports Intelligent Digital Sensors (IDS)
User Calibratable Yes
User Replaceable Yes
3 years

Waterproof Yes


The YSI MultiLab line allows you to customize your single channel, dual channel, and three channel instruments to meet the demands of your application. With the ability to measure up to 25 different parameters and simultaneously connect up to three sensors, the MultiLab is a line of flexible, bench top meters that can help streamline your lab.