dBi HART level sensors

Wastewater level monitoring made simple with the intelligent dBi HART level sensors from Pulsar Measurement. The dBi HART transducers are a range of self-contained, intelligent, non-contacting level sensors. Making use of HART protocols makes integration with existing site systems quick, simple, and easy. These non-contacting, ultrasonic level transducers can be used as stand-alone devices or as complete systems, using HART protocols for data collection. 

The low power design of the dBi HART level sensors means they are ideal for remote locations, wet well monitoring, sewer network monitoring, silo level measurement, solid level measurement, tank level measurement, and stock / inventory control. 

The Device Type Manager (DTM) from Pulsar Measurement enhances the dBi's capabilities meaning that end-users are able to communicate with the ultrasonic level sensors using FDT framework applications such as PACTware. The dBi HART non-contacting level sensors also benefit from Pulsar Measurement's world-leading DATEM technology. DATEM enables the sensors to zone in on the echo from the true target, ignoring stationary echoes from other elements in the measurement path, eliminating the commonly seen loss of echo problem. 


  • Self-contained
  • Two-wire
  • Solids or Liquids applications
  • DATEM digital echo processing
  • Various Mounting Options
  • ATEX Zone 1 standard, Zone 0 optional
  • Use standard programming tools or Pulsar's dedicated PC system

Technical Specifications 

General Specifications
Spec: Description:
Measurement Range: 125 mm to 15 m (4.9 in to 49.2 ft)
Sensor Body Material  Valox 357 PBT
Mounting Connection  BSP or 1 in NPT
Operating Temperature -40 °C to +80 °C (-40 °F to +176 °F)
Input Voltage Range 0-28 V DC
Output 4-20mA output, resolution 1μa
Current Consumption 3.8-22mA
Boot-Time From power-up to stable reading:
Cold boot = 9 seconds,
Warm boot (within 12 hrs from the last start-up) = 4 seconds
Communication Protocol HART 7



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